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Janeen and Chris

Janeen and Chris

They get all of it. All races, all economics, all genders…

Janeen: I think Chris and I are both good at authentically representing ourselves no matter where we are. And I think that is something we're also trying to instill in our children by putting them in lots of different situations with lots of different people. That's why we live here, and our kids go to school in the Short North, we go to church in Reynoldsburgh, they go to camp at Franklin Park Conservatory and Far East Recreation Center. Right?

Chris: They get all of it. All races, all economics, all genders…

Janeen: ...So that they understand that everybody's life is a little bit different. And there's a way to make a relationship with everybody. You just have to figure out what your commonality is. There's always something. And they have to figure that out. Don't tell them though. Don't tell them that's what they're learning.  

It's like making them eat their vegetables, but they like vegetables?

Janeen: Right. They find vegetables interesting so they eat their vegetables.

Chris:  They love reading. They were always told – I was always told – make sure you read to your kids every night, read to your kids, encourage your kids. But, I feel like those are things that were done to me, too. 

Janeen: ....(whispering) they don't know...shhh...

Chris:  … so they are well rounded citizens…

Janeen: ....(whispering) don't tell them...

Chris: And they're super-smart! Goodness gracious.

Janeen:  Teach them how to take risks. Teach them how to solve their own problems.

Chris: They've been pretty good so far.

John Rush

John Rush

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Ryan Morgan