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Jen and Joel

Jen: We live in Franklinton.
Joel: We live in West Franklinton. About three years.

Jen: It was an accident.

Joel: Yeah, it was kind of just happenstance. A friend of ours bought a house.

Jen: We needed a place. She told us we could have the house in exchange for rent. We figured it was a pretty good deal. Then we caught the rehab bug and bought our own house and rehabbed it. And that was three years ago.

Joel: We put so much love into remodeling our home and we were very particular and specific about how things were, just because it’s our house. We used a lot of crazy colors and did what we wanted to do with the house. We weren’t concerned with resell value or it looking “nice,” we just wanted it to look like our house.

Jen: Its sort of like a timeline of our relationship, room by room. It’s us learning how to compromise better, instead of one of us losing a fight and the room gets painted orange, or losing a fight and the room gets painted purple. It’s like we’re learning to blend our preferences. 


Bethia Woolf

Bethia Woolf

Christian Cimaroni

Christian Cimaroni