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Jenny Tupper

Jenny Tupper

I would have to say my favorite thing is the amount of space that’s here. My dad works in a place that’s a city, but where we live, it’s more like a suburb. It’s very spaced out, but when dad goes to work there’s less space. It’s fun to hang out in the city. We go to cool restaurants where they have good music and good food. We think that’s pretty fun. But I like the space in Westerville. 

I know a lot about Columbus. We’ve apparently been building so many buildings. I think Columbus has a way of making old buildings into new structures. That’s pretty cool. I think it’s a very creative way of doing things. They have different types of parks. There’s this one big one where they have a sandbox way over in the end and this huge spider web thing. It’s big. But they also have little tiny ones for little kids. They have different playgrounds for different people, which I think is nice.

This might sound weird, but Columbus is a big thing of mystery, but fun, and everything that you can experience is amazing, but mysterious at the same time. Like, when it’s Christmastime and you’re driving around, Columbus makes it fun even if… it’s hard to describe. When you have fun at someplace that you don’t really think would be fun, it’s sort of a mystery why. I’d never really been to COSI when I was like eight-ish, because we were so busy with everything. Then when I finally went, I didn’t think it would be fun, but then when I came in it was fun. Some of the things were fun, but mysterious why we were doing it. 

Columbus is a place where you get to meet new people from different places.

We have many amazing traditions that we do here. Two, we have many amusement parks and things that you can go to that are really fun. And three, Columbus is a place where you get to meet new people from different places. There’s people that come from Asia and France and England. They come all the way down to Columbus. I see them a lot around. I think that’s a very good thing. If you think about how many people from their country come to America or Columbus, it’s a new place where you can learn different things.

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