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Murray and Ellen

Murray: I came from New York. It was 1961. Ohio State offered me a job. I grew up in the Bronx, I went to college in Manhattan. So, coming from a big city to here took a lot of adjusting. 

Ellen: Tell the story about looking at the map.

Murray: There were no campus visits in those days, so I had never been to Columbus. I got a letter. That’s when I had to really check it out, look at a map of the United States and figure out where the hell Ohio is. It was so far to the right. I found that was metaphorical as well as literal.

Ellen: That’s the hardest thing about living in Columbus, not having walkable neighborhoods, not having shops within the neighborhoods. I know Mayor Coleman worked really hard at having more livable neighborhoods, but that’s the hardest thing.

It’s not world class, but it’s first class.
— Murray

Ellen: Culture has improved exponentially. Attempts to beautify the city more. Things like the Ohio Theatre are huge. The fact that there are buildings for music and dance and actual plays, that’s amazing.

Murray: When I came here, there was a Columbus Symphony, and I don’t want to be condescending, but it was what it was, which was not really first class. Now it’s not world class, but it’s first class.

Shanelle Hinkle-Moore

Shanelle Hinkle-Moore

Jenny Tupper

Jenny Tupper